Finally, something worthy of the hype. Fall fast and hard for the highlighting palette perfection of Hyper Real Glow. Each palette packs three hues of highlight for supercharged, ecstatic-in-love-level radiance, available in two shade waves. With an irresistibly creamy powder formula, shades blend effortlessly to leave an ultra-reflective, yet flawlessly smooth sheen. Apply Next to Nothing Face Colour as a luminous base, then add Hyper Real to amp up your glow to beaming, too-good-to-be-true brilliance. Give into gleam beyond your dreams. Get lost in the hyper real.


Hyper Real Glow Palette / Get It Glowin’


3D調光盤-Flash + Awe

Hyper Real Glow Palette / Flash + Awe



141 Synthetic Face Fan Brush